My Poetry

A judge cannot rule a nation,

It takes them eternity to decide.

A psychologist cannot govern a country,

He may misconstrue our personality as a nation.

A counsellor may have difficulty ruling us,

He may counsel us out of context.

And he may counsel till his tenure expires

With nothing to show for the counsel.

A teacher as well cannot rule us

Because he doesn’t want his reward from heaven.

A professor can only profess in his field,

He’s a total novice in other fields.

A speaker seems odd on the seat of power,

He may speak out solutions and speak it away.

An accountant will only be concerned with figures

And misapply the budget.

A republican will only be fighting the nation

While a democrat might not know what democracy is.

A military man will use war to proffer solutions and aggravate the already volatile situation

And more petrol will be poured into an already burning and raging inferno.

Who else can rule us?

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