A Locus Classicus for My Love

A tingling sensation you give me without stop,

as Goose bumps Gander pumps,
Retaining in me a never ending reflex action of joy,
Detaining in me your unapologetic passion that cannot rut.

How circumstances have dealt with me!
How without the courage to move on I’ve sometimes been!
And not even in man’s best smile did I find anything real!

But then you come!
To them like a thief in the night but not to me.
No. You come as the rightful owner of the house!
Oh I love the way you make love!
I love your romantic modus operandi!
You make it refreshing, and renewing!
expose me to your presence,
extricate me from my defense,
emancipate me from the watchful eyes of time’s expense.
It intoxicates,
installs in me a Blessed Assurance,
that no one can take away!
Oh how terrible you’re in love!
So terrifying that nothing can separate or take me from your hand!
How audacious I am!
To call you darling!
The darling of heaven yet crucified!
Not for once will your majesty decline,
Not for once will your crush for me expire,
Not for once on me will you sleep nor slumber.
Why would I struggle to dissolve in you, trust in you, and rest from my work?
Why would I stand opposing you with doubts you’ve saved me regardless?
Why would I relentlessly try to permeate your strong, impenetrable love with weak weapons of my weaknesses?
I do not.
No. Instead with all I’ve got I’ll celebrate your love! Yea!

The mention of your name erupts my nerves like wildfire,
Beautiful beyond words,
Embellishing my _top-of-the-mountain_ times,
And reviving my down-in-the-valley moments.

Call my name, my Beloved, enlarge my heart with expression.
Cuddle me, Prince of Peace, and saturate me with your aura.
Still me, Calm me, oh El-Gibbor, and rejoice over me with singing.
Touch me, pull me close, and set fire to my bones!
Oh baptise me! With living words that renders me speechless.
Play with me, oh King; dismiss the maid and men servants of your courts.
Chase me, my Love, and make me laugh till I am weak,
for days, even weeks.
Carry me on your shoulders, off the ground of my fears,
and take me off grid to where there are no more tears.
Look into my eyes,
that I may gaze into and feed on your countenance.
For behold,
I see, and our faces look alike.
I hear, and our hearts beats the same.
I speak, and our words rhyme.
For as you are, so am I;
and where you are, there I am.

This is so because your love for me is not for a moment,
It is for life. Abundant life. Unsieved life.
Thus I’m not Moment-thrilled,

Because of you, By you, and With you,
I am, in the presence and Kingdom of the Father,
unsentimentally acceptable,
irreversibly bloodlined,
immeasurably loved.
Ha! Thank you!

Oh I wish my hands could pen down all that the eyes of my heart sees!
But in you there are no wishes,
Speculations are done away with,
For you’re all Revealing,
Navigating me till I get to the locus of your love,
With righteousness, joy and peace in the Holy Ghost,
Till there’s no more left,
No dream to chase,
No fear to reckon with,
No excitement to look forward to,
No enjoyment to savour,

I am yours.
You are mine.

This is a locus classicus of you,
My love.

© Oladapo Olutayo
July 2, 2017

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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