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Whether you acknowledge it or not, everything you do in life is determined by your beliefs. The way you see life is predicated on the silent scripts that are running in your mind. For instance, if you are always thinking that life is tough, it is because that is the way life has been presented to you. It does not necessarily mean that life is actually tough. The fact that people are saying things are hard does not mean that is exactly right. Everyone sees life through the color of their minds. The structures that have been built into your mind over the years are the determining factors shaping your perspectives about life.

This is why you find people who know what to do with their lives rejoicing at challenges while the clueless ones are busy crying. When every other person saw Goliath as the greatest challenge of their lives, David saw it as the simplest task of his life. When you see everybody else losing hope in the future of Nigeria, you find people like Dr. Sunday Adelaja joyfully putting plans and projects in place to make Nigeria become the envy of the world. How do you know people who have understood how to make their lives count on earth, they are busy working in the privacy of their rooms or garages (like Steve Jobs), while ignorant ones are complaining about how badly the government has treated them in life.

I will always refer to my experience in the northern part of Nigeria which laid some unforgettable foundational blocks in my life. With joy in my heart, I accepted a lowly teaching position. Not because I knew I would end up becoming rich within 2 years. But because I knew the Person inside of me who was leading me. I knew if I could understand Him and just listen to His voice (no matter how silly it first sounded), I will eventually end up in celebration. I chose to spend quality time in understanding God’s direction for my life, and today, I have no regrets I made such seemingly foolish decisions.

He led me beside the still waters in the midst of turmoil. Even in the presence of my enemies, He set a table before me – He showed me the potentials I had inside of me and how to convert them into money. He showed me that it may be foolish to the world to temporarily abandon engineering for teaching, but that was the best way for me to go. As such, I will forever appreciate Him for His precious love. Indeed, He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

If you don’t know who you are or what potentials are inside of you, all you will do with your life is to follow the crowd. According to the crowd, it was nearly impossible to stay back in the northern part and survive. I was seen as the most foolish person when I refused to leave the forsaken place. But I knew that prosperity is not in places; prosperity is in people. America became the greatest nation, not because of so much prosperity in the land, but because the people of America decided to bring out the prosperity inside of them. Dubai did not become the attraction of the world because of already existing prosperity. It was because some people understood that there were treasures inside of them that could be converted into physical realities. The most important blessing you can get in life is to understand your internal gems and your God-given intangible assets (called potentials), and then, be able to transform them into physical prosperity.

The fact that everybody is doing something does not mean that is the same thing you should do. Your life is a unique one. Without taking personal responsibility to think hard and research to understand specific crucial things about your own life, you can get yourself forever lost in the band wagon. People who do not spend enough time in meditation usually end up in frustration, because they usually take the easy but destructive route of following the crowd. You can choose to be different. You can choose to have in-depth understanding regardless of the number of people who want to live a shallow life. The people who make up their minds to sow their time in the labor room of deep thinking are the ones who live exceptional lives. Shallow thinkers abstain from due diligence and they keep jumping from one fruitless idea to another one.

The renowned motivational speaker and consultant, Bob Proctor, decided to think differently in life. Then, he found out that he was born rich (although everything around him was speaking poverty). He read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and he discovered that all he needed was the ability to think with intense desire and focus. Within a short time, he became a millionaire as a cleaner, without having any formal college education. I can tell you that not many high-school drop-outs who work as cleaners can dream of becoming a millionaire. But Proctor did because he knew that true prosperity has nothing to do with the ‘poverty’ that you see around but it has everything to do with what you see on the inside of you.

Those who pay excessive attention to physical things are largely limited in life. They are ignorant of a fundamental truth of life. They don’t know that the things which can be seen with the physical eyes are merely temporal; but the things the physical eyes cannot behold are eternal. If unbelievers can have understanding of the wonderful things put inside of them at creation and are doing marvelous things and living a rich life, how much more we, who claim to have the Spirit that created the heaven and the earth living in us? How much more advantage should we have as Christians? Yet, religion has largely stopped us from taking advantage of the Grace of God in us. I have made up my mind I will no longer allow anything to stop me. I have chosen to shine the Light of my King to my world.

You claim to have the Spirit of God living inside of you, and yet, you complain about several things. Do you truly understand your claims or you are just a pretender? If actually you are convinced that He that is in you is greater than he who is in the world, why don’t you do all your possible best to know Him? Why don’t you talk to Him and expect Him to speak back to you? Please get to know the One who can show you where and how to get everything you are struggling hard to get in life with no results. When you know Him on a personal note, He will show you how to start from zero and end up becoming a hero. He will show you how to create wonderful things from a void and a formless life. I am telling you about the Person that showed me that I can become whoever I want to become in life if I can just learn how to listen to Him and understand Him. He showed me how to become a millionaire as a secondary school teacher. He showed me how to live a debt-free life. He showed me how to live a sickness-free life. Now, He has shown me how to touch the lives of billions of people before I leave the earth.

While we spend most of the time praying for miracles or emphasizing the religion of do’s and don’ts in the church, why not spend time to teach people how to have personal awareness of who they are and relationship with the Holy Ghost? This probably the most important things (among many others) that should be stressed and emphasized in the church. The easiest way to free anyone from the entanglement of sin is to teach him to understand the person of the Holy Ghost and know how to yield to Him. The easiest way to get anyone rich in life is to get him familiarized with the power to get wealth already resident in him. You are not empowering people just by telling them to continue giving their money until they become confused about life. Empower them by showing them how to find out who they truly are. Let all of us arise to the responsibility of understanding the God-given treasures in us. Let us all awaken to the reality of the presence of the Holy one in us. Then, we shall take our world by the storm.


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Author: Olajide Oluwafemi