6 keys to life

Life is good and sweet. Life is worth living well while we have it in our hands. It is essential we live it well but it is not all totally smooth. There are ups and downs and challenges thrown at us as we journey in it. Our responses to those challenges will decide how far we will go. Letting problems and difficulties tie us down stems out of poor management and mishandling of our challenges and challenges are bound to come every now and then because they are part of the ingredients we need to grow and progress.
Life is a journey, not a race. There is no such thing as competition in the race of life. You run your own race at your own pace without comparing and competing with others. No one embarks on a journey to compete but to get to a destination. I haven’t heard, seen or read about competing on a journey. A journey translates to having a destination in mind.
There are keys to living life well but they are inexhaustible. But i will shortlist them to 7 for the sake of this article.

1. God first. Nothing else must come first. God is the ultimate. We owe our existence to Him. We are responsible to Him. A successful life is one conducted with the consciousness of God in our dealings and interactions. We must put Him first. If someone says he or she needs no God to live a good life, such person won’t go far. A godly life is pleasant to God.
2. Love one another. Love is the summation of God’s presence in our lives. His presence has to be transmitted to others. Our coexistence and cohabitation are only possible when we love ourselves. Love your neighbor as yourself. If you love your neighbors, you won’t hurt them. You will protect their interests and preserve their legacies. The vicissitudes of life most times make us withdraw to our cocoon to care for ourselves only but love surpasses all things, regardless. 

3. Hate no one. Hatred contrasts love. It is the opposite of love. Hatred abhors love and harbors ill-feelings and hard-feelings. Your life must not be defined by hatred. Hatred makes mutual coexistence and growth impossible. It inhibits progress and retards development. Hatred kills and it is killing. No society grows where hatred is entrenched and love dethroned. Hatred breeds resentment and contempt. And if you wanna live life well, you have to get rid of hatred and dwell in love.
4. Give generously. No one has tended to poverty by giving. Giving is an antidote to poverty. It is an act and a lifestyle. It opens many doors of opportunity. The golden rule of giving promises multiple fold in return when we give. No one is truly happy when he or she holds back. True happiness lies in when we part ways with something, be it money or material things. There is one who withholds and tends to poverty despite all he tries to hoard to himself. There is another who scatters (gives) and yet has abundance. Give cheerfully and generously, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

5. Live simply. We have no business with living a larger-than-life, flamboyant and ostentatious life when we could as well live modestly. True riches do not take abode with flaunting our wealth on social media as you may inadvertently be inviting armed robbers. Conduct a modest and simple life and you will have no fear of being robbed. Living above our means connotes drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves which will invariably lead to the intrusion of our privacy.
6. Forgive quickly. Hold no grudges against anyone. Be at peace with people. Forgive them of their wrongs for your own sake. The truth is; when you don’t forgive quickly, you are only hurting yourself, not the person you are fighting with. Forgive fast so that your life will be free of excess luggages. Note that dwelling in love is forgiving quickly.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi