Four cardinal ways to achieve one’s goal

A goal is a result or a set objective that one is attempting to achieve. It is something all of us have decided to set for ourselves to achieve. The goal of a football match is to win the match for the attainment of a trophy or a glory. To most of us, the goal we set is not the end in itself but a means to an end. While to some people, it is an end.
Just like in a football, winning a match is not an end in itself but a means to an end. A consistent run of form to win every match ensures that the set objective is achieved through the match-winning streak. The goal of every student is to come out with a good Cumulative Grade Point at the end of the day knowing thatĀ a good CGP will secure a good and lucrative job in an ideal environment where favoritism or connection is relegated to the background. The goal you set for yourself can never be bigger than what you can achieve provided you design a clear roadmap for achieving it.

Our goal is like a cart pusher who pushes a cart. Without the cart pusher, the cart will be immobile. We are the cart, the goal we set is the pusher. It pushes us till we achieve it. What makes a man’s life boring is living without having a goal he is working towards. Business Dictionary describes a goal as An observable and measurableĀ end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed timeframe. From the above definition, we can coin the following;

Qualities of a goal
1. Measurable. Our goals must be measurable. It means we must know the steps to take to achieve it. If you want to increase your sales from a patronage of 100 customers per day to 150, you must come out with a blueprint of how to achieve it.
2. Achievable. We must set realistic goals for ourselves in order to be truthful to ourselves. You know it is impossible to learn five new languages in the next five weeks but you still wanted to master them in five weeks, at the end of the third week, you might still be stuck learning the alphabets of just one of the languages. Set the goals you know you can achieve.
3. Flexible. Let your goals be flexible so that they can be reviewed from time to time in order to adapt them to current circumstantial or economic changes and dictates. A rigid goal will be hard to achieve.
4. End result. Let your goals have an end result in sight. If your goal is to save a certain amount of money within a speculated period of time, after saving the money, are you just going to leave the money in the safe without utilizing it? There must be a reason for saving the money and the reason is the end result. The end result is what you want to use the money for.

3 categories of goals

1. Short-term goals. There are goals meant for just a short period of time, that we can achieve and attain withing a short period of time. It might be losing a pound of weight which can be achieved by daily and routine exercise and cutting down drastically on the junk food we consume. It might be reading a particular book on a disturbing subject that you need clarity on, etc.
2. Mid-term goals. A mid-term goals take a little longer timeframe to achieve compared to short-term goals. It requires allocating more time to achieve considering the nature and the peculiarity of such goal. That might be undertaking a new course in a higher institution after graduating or working to save towards getting your own roof over your head. It is mid-term because it is neither short nor long.
3. Long-term goals. Long-term goals might require a relatively long time to achieve. Marriage is a long-term goal because the end result of marriage is to have a partner and multiply going by Biblical injunction. Long-term goal might be dreaming to have your own business interests and having thousands of workers under you. You know you can’t achieve this in a short while. It takes a long process of hard work, smart work and commitment. Categorize any goals you have under these categories so that you will know where each falls and which one needs the most urgent attention and resources.
Do you know you can make your short-term and long-term goals to achieve your long-term goals?

How to achieve your goals
1. Consistency. Be consistent with what you are doing. You do not need to take a break now until you have achieved your goals. Be hardworking and prayerful with your goals. Keep at it, don’t be lazy. Don’t be fussed that nobody is paying attention to you. The time is coming that you will be paid to get your attention. Let your end result be the driving force that is spurring you on. Be inspired and motivated.
2. Dedication. I’m citing this because without dedication to your goals, even if you are consistent, you might not achieve your goals. Let me give you an example to buttress the fact that dedication is different from consistency. For the fact that someone goes to work everyday doesn’t mean he is dedicated. He is only consistent going to work but when he gets there, he does little or nothing to contribute to the productivity of the company for the day. He is only concerned about not having a pay cut at the end of the month. When such person sees another job in a different field, he jumps at it. Consistency needs the fuel of dedication to keep going.
3. Strong belief system. Believe in the fact that you can achieve your goals. Believe in the fact that anything you set out to do, without wavering and laziness, you can achieve it. Let your belief system be so strong that you will achieve most of your goals before the expiration of the timeframe given. The economic situation might not be favorable but it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve your goals if you keep at it. Be consistent and add the fuel and the incentive of dedication to it. Garnish and embellish your dedicated consistency with a strong belief system that adds the taste of “I will achieve it”.

4. External influence. After setting your goals, get some of your friends you can confide in and reveal your plans to them. Then employ them without paying a dime. Their job will be to always remind you at intervals about your goals so that you will keep working towards it. It is easy to set goals but easier to forget the goals we set. And relatively easier to start derailing from the goals by way of cooking up excuses. Your friends will always remind you so that you won’t forget it.

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Author: Olajide Oluwafemi