Four ingredients of a fulfilled life

The purposes of life are many but they can be summed up in a phrase; a fulfilled life.

No one should live this life without leaving a mark behind for posterity to benefit from, we should not live our life like a snake on the rock that leaves no mark behind. It just passes by and whoever passes the same route wouldn’t have known that a snake just plied the route. The same thing the way we must live our life.

Some people wish to spend up 100 years in this life while some never want to live up to that. Some have spent up to 100 years and yet, the chronicle of their life only gulp a scanty 5 A4 papers to write down while some didn’t spend quite as much as 50 years, yet they moved mountains. And vice versa.

Life is not a function of how long we live in it but how well we spend the time given to us by God. The Scripture says let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.
You need to make your light shine by living your life well.
Life is not all about yourself alone but all about others. I’m not saying you should starve yourself to a point of death because you want to help others in trying to live a good life.
I’m saying you should rub off well on others in any way you can do it.
A man that leaves no mark on the sands of history will never be
duly acknowledged or his works given credence to. No reference will be made to him whether he is alive or dead. And we don’t need to be a President of a country or a Chairman
of a big conglomerate before we be of help to people. We know some past and present Presidents who we wish never ruled us. And we can all remember one particular person in our neighborhood or family who has been of tremendous help to people. That is the idea.
Again, we don’t need to have thousands of dollars in our bank accounts to be of help to people. Infact, the four ingredients I’m
proposing here do not require to spend money to be of help to people
except you choose to. They are the ingredients that you can always
incorporate into your daily life while you go about your business.

1. Love All. Love is the greatest law sent from above to us. Love your
neighbor as yourself and despise no one. The Scripture says if I speak in the tongues of men and of Angels but I have no love, I am like a resounding and clanging cymbal. I am an empty barrel, I have no substance. That I plant a borehole for my neighborhood as a politician but devoid of love, it is a waste of time. We must relate with people on the crest of God-given love. That I’m a pastor doesn’t even mean I practice love. Our default mode of interaction in relating with people should be love.
Love people. See them as the creatures of God because they are the image  of God. If you love people, you won’t hurt them, you won’t cheat them, you won’t shortchange them, you won’t allow them to suffer. Our politicians embezzle the people’s money because love doesn’t reside in their hearts. They don’t care about the welfare of the people, the hardship their embezzlement will put them in. They do so because they have immunity and also added
impunity to it. You can hate people’s character and attitude but don’t hate them. Everyone deserves a measure of love and the show of love in your own way to others can change a whole lot of things.
2. Serve All. A good leader was once a good follower. A good servant is his master’s favorite. A servant is not a relegated fellow to do the dirty jobs alone. A good servant is also promoted to a position of authority because he had served others well. Serve all. Go the extra mile for others because you never can tell which of the services you are rendering will elevate you. As a man of authority, you are there to serve the people, after all, you have the people’s money in your custody. Do what amuses and amazes people. Give surprises, pleasant surprises at that. A typical example of service
was when Jesus Christ decided to wash the feet of his servant.
One of his disciples, Peter felt so embarrassed that why would our Lord  wash his feet. In today’s context, you might not wash people’s feet, but you can do something else as a definition of what you think serving people is. It goes a long way to make you feel good about yourself. Someone asks you for an address but instead of
trying to describe how he or she will get there, you can take the person
there. The person will either do one of these two things; pray for you
or give you tips. The overall benefit of your good gesture is neither
the tips nor the prayer but the good feeling it gives.
3. Take time to be kind. Squeeze time out to be kind to someone, to
be of help to someone as that will go a long way to make you have a fulfilling life. Being kind to people means being of immense help to people when they least expect it. It might be running errands for them in the case of when they are older than we are, helping people in the line of their duty especially if you are vast and conversant in such field etc. Taking your time to be kind implies that it is a deliberate effort, not something that you will accidentally do or doing it for the sake of it. All these adds up for our future.
4. Be compassionate. Be moved with compassion in all your dealings.
Without compassion towards people, you won’t be empathic. Feel what
they feel. Jesus was moved with compassion towards the people on
many occasions and he did something to address what he felt. He fed the people and the people were happy. Without compassion, you won’t feel what some people in need are feeling. Even if you don’t have money to address their needs, the words of encouragement you give will strengthen such person to begin a new lease of life. Your time spent with people is a show of compassion to always be there for them. Everything is not money.
If you are able to make the above-listed ingredients part of your daily
living, you will be fulfilled that you are helping people out. Helping
people out gives a very good feeling and makes us to be content  with ourselves. None of your good works will go unnoticed. Cheers.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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