Indecision: a key element to a thwarted future

Indecision is the opposite of decision. And indecision is a decision. When one decided to be indecisive in making up his or her mind on a particular matter, it is a decision. It means the person has decided to be indecisive. There is no such thing as indecision in the real sense of it but for the sake of highlighting its danger, I’ve given it a life in order to strip it of the very life.
Indecision is the inability to decide on a course of action especially when you have options to choose from and the options are somewhat all related to the purpose you want to embark upon. When two options present themselves to you and appear to be the ideal choice to choose, you will be torn between deciding on which one to choose. While dilating and perusing over and time again, the inability to make up your mind sets in and you will discover that time has really elapsed on your decision-making.
Many people take their time to decide in order to make the right choice. In most cases, we may not make the right choice if we haven’t dabbled on the wrong choice. Making the wrong choice most times is not a failure. The wrong choice simply means we haven’t made the right choice. And it implies we need to make the right choice. Making the right choice is not as easy as making the wrong choice and it might be as difficult as making a wrong choice and vice versa. The thrust of any goal is to decide on anything we want to do and get it done.

Indecision is the bane of progress and advancement. No one makes progress while not being able to decide to be specific in moving forward. The vicious cycle of underdevelopment has not been trashed because of the attachment of sentiment in our decision-making, always waiting for a popular demand to be the voice of consent and approval, not least when you do not need to wait for a vox pop before you go ahead with your life. And life waits for no one. Everybody had had the cause to look back in time with nostalgia when we left some key decisions begging when the going was good with the thought that there can never be a hiatus in the flow of the favorable events that blindfolded us not to plan for the future. There might never be as much as a fuss as to why we need to decide quickly if it has nothing to do with our tomorrow. But it is all about tomorrow.
There are some factors that inhibit our decision making process that we have no power over and there are factors that can be totally subdued under the power of our will and resolute resolve. One of such inhibitive factors might be someone trying to advance his career but the financial wherewithal was not available. Such person had believed that his future depends so much on the advancement of his career but he couldn’t get it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t succeed but what he thought he needed couldn’t be dropped on his laps.

It is a total deviation from what obtains when someone needed to advance his career but couldn’t make up his mind on time.
An attempt to live through life using other people’s lives as a yardstick might land us where we do not want. Any key development and discovery ever made in history had been a product of a deliberate attempt to overcome indecisiveness. When the inventor of electricity conceived the idea, if he had not left the cocoon of his comfort zone, we would not have had an inkling what electricity is. But he decided to bring his conception to fruition because he was able to see the future and the billions of people that will enjoy it. At the same time, as far as technology and science have traveled to unravel more discoveries, there are still some ideas and conceptions in the heart of some people about to happen but they haven’t decided yet to make it happen thereby depriving you and I to enjoy whatever it might be. The same thing applies to you. Only you know for how long you have been battling with making up your mind to venture out to get what you have in your mind done.
I’ve seen and heard people complain bitterly about some key steps they could have taken in time, the failure of which now rubs off badly on them. I’ve had to regret some key decisions I didn’t take back then too that now rubs off on me badly. What most of us do now is to look for an alternative to cushion the effect of our dilly-dally.

It now behoves on us to make decisions at the right time. You might not make the right decisions at the outset but you are simply doing something meaningful. As I said earlier, if you didn’t make the right decision yet, you can easily go back to the draw board to make the right decision. The key thrust of this piece is to encourage us to make progress in whatever fashion, legitimately. Decide fast to save more time for yourself

What are the factors encouraging indecisions in our lives? Let’s highlight them one by one;
1. Fear. Fear is the number one thing discouraging people to make up their minds fast on some things. Nobody wants to waste his or her money on an investment that might liquidate later. The purpose of investment is to make more money for the future and when an opportunity comes for us to invest, we are always afraid to go ahead. It is not a crime when fear sets in but it might be a crime in the long run when we allow the fear to hold us down. As humans, we are always careful to decide on any venture. As someone rightfully posited, he said FEAR is a False Evidence Appearing Real. In this context, your fear is a false evidence, it is not real. The best way to invalidate your fear is to impose your confidence from the background of having done a thorough research on any steps you want to take. Don’t wallow in the abyss of the safety fear wants to give to you in preventing you from taking the worthy risk.

2. Laziness. Some people have no problem with fear. Their own factor of indecision is laziness. They just can’t simply stand up once and do what they need to do. They keep posting the day of reckoning forward indefinitely till time elapses and chance goes out the window. They love their comfort and nothing seems more important than their comfort. Procrastination has become their watchword. They are always unwilling to make an effort and at the same time want things to go right for them. The Bible says a lazy man shouldn’t eat. A lazy man should have no access to luxury. Mental or intellectual laziness is what some set of people battle with. You can imagine if a journalist and a full time author cannot task their brain to write a news report and a book respectively. Another set of people battle with physical laziness as in the case of artisans, always having difficulty to step out of their house to face the daily hustle. This is not a case of body pain. It is just laziness. Spiritual laziness is what some of us also battle with in not being able to pray and read our Bible as at when due. Discipline is the only thing we need to overcome all these. And how do we mutter discipline? It is simply by tasking ourselves to do it. Just do it.
3. Another factor that make people very indecisive is when we are always waiting for the right time.  There is no such thing as the right time except on exclusive situations such as when to get married if the marriageable age is not yet attained in the case of the abuse meted out to a girl child in some part of the world or when you know you are not ripe for some things but now craving for it. Apart from these two instances cited above, the right time is always on us. The right time is that very time we need to stand up and do something quick. While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” Every second that ticks by matters a lot. Effective time management is when we are able to plan the 24 hours of everyday very well so as to be productive. The right time to invest in the stock market is the very time you think about it. The right time to buy a piece of land or a house is the very time the idea crosses your mind. The right time to pick up a new language is the time you conceive the idea. The right time to shed some weight is the time you start feeling uncomfortable with your weight. Don’t wait till the right time comes because it might not come.
Make up your mind today and do something meaningful so that posterity will benefit from your prosperity.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi