Persistence is a virtue.

Consistency is an advantage.

Patience incubates better with time.

Perseverance is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Longsuffering works for those who practice it.

And who can divide the line between all these ones?

Consistency of persistence gets the job done.

Persistence can be monopolized

But consistency works not on nothing.

It needs a breeding ground to grow.

Patience is a trust and a test.

Longsuffering is a thrust.

Perseverance is a cudgel we take in our behalf.

All of these can be merged into one entity.

And the thrust of this entity has only one goal;

To build us and mature us from the inside.

Nothing comes easy in life.

We get nothing on the platter of gold

Hence the reason we invest our sweat,

Plant our energy,

Sacrifice our comfort,

Part with our convenience,

Exhaust our proficiency to make two ends meet.

Our gaze is fixed on an end result after these.

Our expectations have been pivoted on something.

Our mental calculations are projected.

Our permutations, seemingly inaccurate are directed towards an outcome.

No alterations can derail it.

No altercation can detour it.

But how come I couldn’t get my hands on it?

Have I miscalculated somewhere along the line?

Have I failed to do my primary assignment?

But I argued I did all I could do.

Our bidding can be erroneous at times.

Our expectations can suffer a hit intermittently.

All the above-listed virtues have I tried to inculcate.

But there’s a weakness I fight and wrestle with.

Failure to get some things done, I let go of it.

I don’t give up on it especially the things heavenly-connected in nature.

I have my God to take care of that.

But the things that are gratifying in the flesh,

At the launch of the first two attempts and no result, I let go.

The things I can practical do nothing about to turn the fortunes around, I give up on this.

This is because I detest unnecessary hard work.

I’d rather do a little smart work to keep things going.

But we shouldn’t give up at all.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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  1. nice concept femi.. i love how simple your blog platform is and how you choose this unique niche..
    **work more on branding “FEMILLIONARE” crest into an household name
    ** make use of clear and crisp image.. as a goes ‘picture is worth thousands of words’
    ***give the homepage a litle mix of color to ignite the look.
    **** don’t sto,keep moving

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