Committed to mother earth

An unfathomable saga in people’s heart

No one knows what I’m driving at

Nothing seems irrelevant again including your choicest hat

It’s a precis of our sojourn here on earth

A chronicle of our short-lived life

It either leaves an imprint behind

Or a secret beside

It becomes a crossroad of automatic indecision

And a byepass of reflexive teleguide

To little details, pay attention

For your mistakes, make corrections

For your sins, adopt confession

To double standard, a quick separation

To our responsibility, appropriation

Nothing lasts longer

Nothing grows stronger

Boxers may grow bigger

Ritualists may grow richer

Junk eaters may grow fatter

And contempt and malice may further linger

Only God’s grace lasts longer and forever.

Crass indifference to people’s plight

Our wealth subjected to capital flight

Atrocious disposition to people’s heart-borne agitation

Enactment of unfavorable and diabolical laws to downplay the people’s psyche

Without a recourse, however swift, to posterity

Except their own prosperity.

But it’s an unknown and disguised invitation to uncoveted adversity.

A cankerworm of animosity has crept into the people’s heart

Wishing the author of their adversity an untold hardship

Their lives have been stripped of their sanctity

And this causes great annoyance

All the people need is an assurance

Not a fake insurance

Buth the display of supercilious affectation of superiority

And their condescending disposition as well as mania for fleeting wealth have blinded their foresight

And beclouded their sense of reasoning

A sheer advertisement of incurable monomania – of rapacity has left thousands dejected and despondent

A wave of insecurity is blowing every glimmer of hope away

Seated in the dark recesses of the heart of the privileged few is an unjustified, unjustifiable and unfounded animosity and rivalry with no opposition

They flex their muscles against imaginary opposition

They adopt the instrumentality of wealth

To deprive others of their peace and health

Oh! Alas! Overnight, away it went and melts

It melts and went away to the land of no return

It took a flight to the kingdom of permanence

A mask of shame

A guise of ignominy

A load of come-uppance

A truckload of waterloo

A wave of untold nemesis

A pang of pain and migraine

Came upon them and took abode with them

Broke their hearts

Scaled over their walls of defence

Invaded their security apparatchik

Rendered their conspiracies useless

Voided inimical deliberations to mankind’s existence

A multiple fold of reaped consequences like these

Who can bear?

And why would they resort to suicidal thoughts?

And why would the thoughts be turned to practicals?

Committed to mother earth

And the people shouted for joy

And their kinsmen and cronies deserted them.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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