Purpose-oriented Life

Purpose is the main drive of mankind. It is what spurs us on each passing day. It is the defining reason why most people live life joyfully and decided to make meaning out of it. It is the reason why some never give up on their pursuits despite many failings and failures. It is the ingredient that makes life worth living. An expression of purpose in this present world and age is peculiar to an individual as some never mind their strands of hair falling off and some do not need to break as much of a sweat before hitting it hard.
Life is worth living when we are working towards what we exist for. A life of no direction is clearly defined when the custodian of such a life only goes through life everyday without having a clear assignment to hold on to. And the yardstick one man uses to measure his level of success that results in his satisfaction is totally different from the one used by another man. Two cars in the garage, a beautiful house to live in and a gorgeous wife with two lovely kids are a definition of what gives one man the meaning of success. While another man judges an absolute success from the standpoint of having a business conglomerate, fleet of cars to hop in as the occasion demands, living in another man’s country and having enough money to throw around. The two cardinal examples are not mutually-exclusive. Success is actually the attainment of your set objectives, dreams, aspiration without a comparison to another man’s success. But success on its own does not give man fulfilment as it ideally should be a means to an end. And the end is our purpose on earth.
Some see purpose as a myth. The many narratives flying around from many motivational speakers have made purpose a big deal and some even create a picture of something that can only be achieved with a lot of money stashed in one’s bank account. The main goal of man on earth is not to live for himself and his family alone, but also an extension from his immediate surrounding. The myth surrounding purpose should be lifted as a veil is lifted off a new bride to reveal her face to her waiting and anxious groom so that we can see that we do not need to travel to the moon or conjure up a magic before having a clearly-defined purpose. From the spiritual point of assignment, our purpose on earth is to serve God, no alternative to that purpose on earth. Everybody must key in to that.
A purpose-driven life is a life that has direction. It transcends the daily routine of waking up everyday, burying a kiss into your spouse’s mouth, taking the kids to school, going to work, doing that day in, day out, all year long. In the long run, there will be an attending boredom and an inner voice will be compelling you to do more to address the status quo. W. Clement Stone said the definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.
The lack of purpose in someone’s life can be seen when such person rakes in a lot of money but still having a vacuum and doesn’t know how to fill the vacuum. The vacuum can represent a lack of happiness and satisfaction. This buttresses the fact that money is not automatically an acquisition of happiness. There are many unhappy rich folks that litter the face of the earth but only few came to grips with what has been lacking in their lives to live a happy life. As I said earlier, what gives happiness is peculiar to an individual, we need to find it out. As a person, one of the things that give me happiness is when I have a write- up to share with my readers and the positive impact it will have on them.

The best way to find one’s purpose on earth is to begin to ask oneself some soul-searching questions. And you need to ask yourself the right questions so as to get the right answers. Just be sincere with yourself while asking those questions. And an appraisal of oneself will go a long way to help in the course of trying to find our purpose on earth.
Ask yourself these question;
1. Why am I existing?
2. What is my purpose?
3. How is my purpose?
4. Why is my purpose?
5. When is my purpose?

You are existing for a purpose. I am existing for a purpose. God didn’t just create you and I for the sole purpose of occupying the earth and adding to the number of the population. He gave us a charge to multiply and replenish the earth and He asked us to be fruitful. How do we become fruitful? What fruit are you producing? And do you know your fruits must help others? You must have a positive impact on other lives. The fruits you are rearing is the sum total of how many lives you can affect positively with the resources you are given, irrespective of how little the resources are. A mango tree or an orange tree is existing for a purpose and their purpose is to give vitamins to the bodies of their consumers in the process of enhancing their growth. And a tree doesn’t have to move from one location to another before he distributes his fruits. It is stationed in one place and its fruits are eaten all over the world. The same thing with us humans. The little you can do to contribute to a particular cause will go a long way and you will be surprised. In summary, how to know what you are existing for is finding what you can do to help someone else which gives you joy. It doesn’t have to be big. Start with the little you have before it becomes big. And the avenues available to find your purpose are inexhaustible.
In finding why you are existing, you will get to know your purpose. You don’t need to invoke a spirit to know it or consult a specialist. A specialist who specializes in helping people find their purpose will only use an empirical extraction from the narratives he or she demands from you. The ‘what’ of your purpose is the only definition you need to embark on a successful journey of affecting mankind positively. Constitutionally, one of the ‘whats’ of the purpose of a President of a sovereign nation is to provide security for the lives and property of the citizens. Not being able to do that makes him or her a failure and it will discredit his office. The purpose of a President is not to enrich himself and his family members at the expense of the people. A misappropriation of our purpose invalidates the reason for our ‘what am I existing for?. The purpose of a teacher is beyond teaching as almost everybody can teach. The purpose of a teacher is to impart his or her knowledge into his students to make them an asset to the society and that will invariably give such person joy when he or she sees the people under his or her tutorial years later making something good out of life. When we consciously shift our gaze away from the monetary turnover in the pursuit of our purpose, money becomes less the problem and we will have an abundance of it even to expand our frontiers.
To what degree and extent is our purpose? In what manner and fashion is our purpose? Define this. Draft a clear-cut roadmap for it and take conscious effort to stick to the plan. There are distractions and detractors everywhere trying to derail your plan but the degree and the extent to which you analyze your purpose on earth will keep you on the track. Also know how to carry out your purpose after defining the reason for your existence and the what of your existence. The how of your existence depends on the what of your existence. And not vice versa.

You are wondering if you can’t just live your life without having a purpose rolled up your sleeves thereby doubling up your responsibility. You definitely can live your life with no purpose. And purpose is what you define it to be, not necessarily the examples I cited above. All I am saying is that one needs to live a life that leaves an indelible mark on the sands of time and on the imprint of history. A life without purpose is like a rudderless ship, just sailing on the sea for the sake of it. Such ship should as well be in the harbor. It is only as good as that. A ship in harbor is safe but that is that what ships are made for. A life without purpose commits no crime but such life is as good as not existing at all. The why of your purpose is that some people are waiting for you to explode and they will tap from what you have to offer to better their lives. They are your responsibility. You have to respond to your ability and that ability can be likened to finding your purpose on earth. If you don’t achieve your purpose, some lives will not be made better. Just think about the personal joy and satisfaction you will derive when you affect lives positively. It is a feeling only you can explain how it feels.

Your purpose comes to bear as soon as you find it. And it lasts while your sojourn in this world lasts. You can imagine contributing your quota to the cause of humanity throughout your lifetime. This is something the great men of yesteryears did and their names are still ringing bell till now. Not only are their offsprings enjoying the good names their parents left for them in getting things done easily, some people have already hijacked their purpose from the children and continued it from where they stopped. If you are a student of history, you will discover that the great inventors and freedom fighters that had ever plied their trade in this world could not contain their purpose again at some point as it went beyond them and their control. And one thing about their mission is its ubiquitous nature as it was felt all over the world. Have it in mind that your purpose is not about yourself, primarily but about mankind.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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