A contrived lifestyle


No matter how far deceit and lie travel

The truth will someday replace it – it’s a popular maxim

Many find deceit as an easy profession to practice

They are more or less deceit practitioners

A practice is a product of consistent habit

And deceit is a practice at the beck and call of many

It’s not an inborn trait, it’s neither hereditary

It’s a fallout of the severance of man from his Creator

Orchestrated and manufactured by the devil

The gluttonous and rapacious nature of man spurred him on to  go for the bait in the devil’s hook

And the devil’s hook is the opposite of everything good

He’s a schemer, a liar who lurks in every nook

And bent to get man’s name registered in his book

Upon this, no man has taken a brood

One of his wiles is the machination of deceit

A deceit he embellished to make it look appealing

And man himself found it a potent weapon to use

He uses it to extort his fellow man

He wields it to extract things from another man

He adopts it to dupe others to satisfy himself

A true picture of deceit is depicted between the relationship that exists among the youths

They exploit the non-committal nature of the relationship to perpetrate the monster

They’d pledged faithfulness to each other but the opposite is what obtains

The co-ordinate of such alliance is always tilted towards the angle of destruction

And no extractive formula to retrieve it once it’s badly damaged

The co-efficient of such happenstance is to be obliterated totally into oblivion

Self-conceit is a result of deceit

And deceit is not without an ending

Why will people opt for vices instead of virtues?

We live in a world where everything wrong is what we celebrate

Not many people are proud of doing what is right for fear of being unduly maligned

Is there anyone around me whose life I can emulate?

Is anyone ready to adopt me as his mentee?

I’m not sure there’s a ready answer for this question

Everyone for his or her business

Cutting corners will rather take the center stage

Dubious activities will rather present to us as the only viable option

A full complement of playing to the gallery is what holds sway in the present world

Just one goal is in everyone’s purview – to achieve a personal interest and a set objective

We all believe no goal is achieved without dubious means

That towing the honorable path will elongate things

And I suppose we must not compromise our integrity

Where can the root cause be traced to?

As my generation will absolve itself of being the originator

The older generation was the one that bequeathed it to us

The older generation will apportion the same blame to the one before it

And on and on it spreads

It goes on till the war of attrition becomes incubated

It’s unfortunate no one could stop the flow of the cascade

But will my generation bequeath it to its successor and posterity?

I asked because I’m not certain we can curb it

We cannot curb it because in my time, all the social and institutional malaise and malady reached their crescendo

And we’re utterly bereft of innovative ideas to stop it

The older generation denied being the root cause

The one before it said it never heard of it

While my own readily points accusing fingers to its predecessors

Can someone come forward and claim responsibility?

The person shouldn’t be afraid, there won’t be any lynching

We all need to approach rectitude and sanity

So that the world will be a better cosmos for dwelling

The diseases and sicknesses we battle with are numerous,

Too numerous for our social therapists to handle

They’d tried to prescribe some drugs for cure

But the drugs only cure the symptoms, leaving the cause out

And even the preventive drugs that were prescribed,

Our parents and the government failed to administer them

Leaving the diseases to be contracted by more people.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi