My future is well spelt out

To all my detractors, I’m giving a shout-out

To all my haters, I’m extending a handout

All I care about is my cash-out

All I’m concerned about is the attending buy-out

If you ain’t in support of my dream, bow out

If you think I’m self-deluded, you’re free to flush out

Don’t think I’m drunk, I didn’t take any stout

I just want my bank account to be stout

I pray the seeds I sow everyday sprout

In spite of my success, I’m praying I won’t be proud

To an extent, I don’t mind to still be in the crowd

To maintain my humility, I’ll ensure I’m not so loud

In all my dealings with the Lord, I’ll take a bow

I’ll always take a firm stance like the Boys’ Scout

I won’t be as restless as a fowl

I’d take calculated steps to avoid a foul

And like the moos of a cow

And like the birds let out a howl

I’d avoid letting out my own pain anyhow

Like the lord of the ring

I want to be the king

I don’t want to be a servant, I want to be it (king)

Whose ox is gored, I care no hoot about a thing

I’m all about my progression

In retrospect, I don’t want regression

I’m marching forward in quick succession

For my mistakes, I’d take corrections

For my responsibility, I’d apply appropriation

I’d take calculated steps for my decisions

Subtraction and addition in the right proportion

Subtraction for my lapses and caresses

Addition for my recesses from untoward troubles

Minus stresses to get my result doubled

I need to enjoy myself while I’m still single

I need to mingle from the right angle

But I need to hobnob with the right people

People of positive influence and affluence

People whose reasonings are ‘fluent’.

You love your boo and what he ‘do’

You’re a boo to your boo

But you don’t know your boo has another boo

And you allowed yourself to be booed

He gets you booed by his bamboozle

His other boo thinks she’s the only boo

In the long run, two people were being booed by a single boo

Open your eyes and stop being a boo to another boo’s boo.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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