From obscurity to popularity

From nothingness to somethingness

From the dunghill and mud to the palace

The fate of some seems to revolve round these

From the manger to being a great Manager

This is the exclusive narrative of our Lord

Life revolves in a circle and a cycle

And everyone automatically follows suit

The vicious cycle of following the crowd subsists

And no man knows how to break away

Breaking away seems to be a suspicion in the world

It tags a stigma of being a ‘holy’ person

And holiness, many are ashamed to live it

If you try it, you’d become reclusive unknowingly

From looseness to self-control

From vices to virtues

From coarse jesting to edifying words

From foolishness to wisdom

This should be the trend we follow

Life moves in a cycle

Each individual with peculiar traits

Everyone finding fulfillment everywhere

If there’d been fulfillment in the moon

If only man can spot comfort in the sun

If relief can boldly be spread over the sky

Man would have migrated

But no, it’s not gonna be

We now resort to alternatives

We looking for fulfillment at our workplaces

We search out comfort in our homes

We wish a solace can be provided for us on the road

We look to our spouses and friends for love

We seek satisfaction from every place obtainable

But unfortunately, we meet disappointment

Life is leading the discourse

The symposium we’re invited to, we have no say there

We’re only there to grace the occasion

Only few decided to no longer be spectators

They declined the portfolio of being mere commentators

This is to the chagrin of the unrepentant detractors

But still refused to be tagged survivors

Their destiny is in their hands

They are aware riches abound in their lands

And a conscious effort is being taken to detach from destructive gangs

Success is their end objective

Indolence and procrastination became subjective

Determination and resolute fervor and candor became exclusive

Immorality became to them repulsive

And they dumped reprobate behaviors

The soliloquy continues…………

The masses are indignant

Because their leaders’ attitude is repugnant

They felt their leaders are illiterate

Their level of literacy is questionable

Their stance in the society is objectionable

Leaders are readers

And readers are leaders

But our leaders are diehard non-readers

How did they become leaders without being readers?

This is topic for a future symposium

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi