The Race

Life is race. Life is race

We can only survive it by God’s grace

Only God’s grace, not by our pace

And in the course of it, we’ll look into God’s face

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t tie your shoes lace

And like the legislature’s mace, we’re good to taste

It’s ironic, some people are slow, some are fast

Those that are fast, their strength is cast

But they are praying it lasts

The die is cast, their success is not bad

Those that seem to be low-paced and slow

They didn’t plan to be slow like the traffic jam in Oslo

They just found out they are in a go-slow

They are dealing every attempt in life with a blow

They are praying so that their effort will glow

But all they get in return is a success in a small bowl

Automatically, the volume inside of them is so slow

All attempts are being made to get it to the highest possible decibel

But their efforts are somewhat the voice of Jezebel

And the ranting of Joe Campbell

They need someone to help them ring a bell

So that they will perform maximally like the device of Dell

All they praying for is a fruitful result

And no longer failure set in default

But I’d enjoin you to smile and rejoice

Rejoice because the Lord is your voice

Between the rich and the poor exists a dichotomy

And the rich seems to be enjoying with some autonomy

To them, success is a monopoly

To them, their achievements is their own patrimony

Their patrimony is their highly-revered matrimony

The rich are rich because of their mentality

It’s a race of life for those with the prerequisite ability

It’s a race for those who’s got the mental agility

No one wins a race of life with mere physicality

In the real sense of it, our physicality is prone and subject to fragility

The poor are poor because of their mindset

The opulent are affluent owing to their mental asset

The same mathematical question, the same mathematical set

The same methodology but different mindset

Don’t begrudge the rich man of his riches

Don’t try to muffle out the witches

Don’t try to discourage the bitches

And don’t try to destroy their bridges

Run your own race, fight your own case

Be your own advocate

A failed attempt is not a mistake

It’s a sign that you are making an attempt

Another failed attempt should not get you discouraged

It’s a sign that you didn’t improve on the last attempt

One thousand and one failed attempts tell you you haven’t been idle

Along the line, the devil couldn’t enlist you as a tool

Don’t be deterred even if all you get is boo

And if you are deserted and jilted by your boo

Just keep doing all you know how to do

It’s a race of life, continue being in the loop

In the end, the Lord will be so good.


Author: Olajide Oluwafemi