Sense and Sensibility

It’s been said, if your write eye makes you sin, pluck it out

If your right hand drags you into the murky water of inadequacy, chop it off

If your legs seem to control your movement and direct you towards soiling your hands, amputate them

If your ears are listening to the wrong message, there are two things to be done;

Either cut the ear or stop the source of the message.

Life revolves in a cycle and a circle

And there’s no limit to what we’re exposed to.

We’ll come across people and vice-versa,

People of timbre and caliber

At a party, social gatherings, circumstantial or at a carnival

People that will either make us or mar us

Unfortunately, we have no control over who we come across or who comes across us

Hence, the reason why we have categories for the people in our lives

We have friends that became our friends through circumstantial discharge and deliberate attempts

We have colleagues through the sheer reason of where we work

We have bosom friends, some from childhood

Some by sheer sharing of the same ideals and ideology

This is where the separation of roles comes in in our lives

There’s a distinction between the parts played by your friends and the ones played by your colleagues

You need to be sensitive to these roles

We need to be sensitive to it so that their ideological and psychological sensibilities won’t be offended and preyed upon

Why were you angry that your colleagues didn’t help you when you were in dire need of help?

They were not available because they were just your colleagues

They could only help in matters related to your job

You need to define these roles

A friend in need is a friend indeed

It implies your friends might decide not to be there for you when you’re in need

That some stood by you makes them real friends

There are friends in need, there are friends in deed

It’s an alliance you only can decide to keep or discard

Some tried to be there, either financial constraint limited them

But they won’t let you know about the monetary sensibility

Keep a friendship that symbiotic in nature

And if it’s not, cut it off.

Cut off the excess baggage you have

And if you have tried to win that girl to your side

And keeps putting up a resistance, cut her off.


Let’s be sensitive to each other’s needs as humans

Exclusively, we’re here to rub each other’s backs

Many human activists also canvass for the same thing

But we’re not heeding the appeal

We keep doing things to hurt and offend ourselves

Pirates are human beings with humane endowment

Yet they offend the intellectual sensibilities of others

They launch a crass offensive at confiscating their property without a commensurate reprisal offensive

In that instance, their senses were suspended

The religious sensibilities of many have gone on unhindered until recently

Many a people found expression in what offered them comfort

An expression towards an imaginary deity god

Some who pledged their allegiance to one deity now use duress to convert those on the other side to their side

The instrumentality of persuasion works more effectively than the weapon of coercion

That very persuasive method is what’s populating some religious leanings and depopulating the other

Sense requires we use the conventional way of achieving results to enthrone an absolute peace

And common sense also means no one should bow down to wood works all in the name of expression of religious freedom

Sex is an intercourse between two opposing genders

And not a consummation between the same genders

Whoever assented to the bill of legalization of sex between the same genders did a big disservice to humanity

And a crass insensitivity to the sensibility of what sex stands for

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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