Wisdom, they say is the principal thing.

Wisdom, as advised must be acquired at the expense of life luxury.

Wisdom, as publicly touted, cannot be substituted.

Wisdom then must form the basis of mankind’s acquisition.


I have seen the same wisdom in scant supply.

I’ve heard of low interest in the acquisition of wisdom.

I’ve witnessed mankind pay lip-service to acquiring wisdom.

Reckless abandon has been the dictator of the pace.


Top on the list of man’s to-do list is money.

Money is believed to have the purchasing power for anything

And there’s been huge transaction to get wisdom

Truthfully, wisdom was acquired but not the one that addresses life’s situations.


Academic wisdom is one,

It’s one that makes you learned.

It ingratiates one into the caucus of scholars.

It helps with our lexicon to hobnob with foreigners

It also forms the basis to contribute, be it meaningfully or otherwise to subjects on a particular symposium.

But how applicable is such wisdom to addressing man’s various forms of problems and challenges?


Another type of wisdom is wisdom by proxy

It’s one that’s transferable, related by other people’s life experiences

It imbues one with fresh motivation to strive on

It provides a limited scope of broad subjects for discussion and dissection.

It’s a microscopic appendage of a comprehensive subject.


Sagacity can be a sagacious man’s albatross.

It becomes an albatross when he takes so much solace in his wisdom.

It becomes and graduates into an affront when he relaxes so much in his own wisdom.

That’s when he relates his achievements and successes to his self-acquired sagacity.

Wisdom in his life becomes misappropriated when he misapplies it.


Another brand of wisdom is intellectualism.

An intellect believes no man’s problems is beyond empirical improvisation for solution.

He buries his wisdom in any available intellectual property to get solutions.

He’s not concerned about the one that comes from above

And he tries to feign superiority over academicians

He argues there’s a gap between an intellect and an academician

To him, an academician is restricted to his field of specialization

While an intellect has a little knowledge in all subjects of life

As against an academician who has all knowledge in just one subject.


Another brand of wisdom is one coined from our experiences

Exposures can come in varying degrees.

It comes raw and it appears embellished

It’s nice, expository, informing in one aspect.

The other can be brutish, nasty, discouraging and eliminates all glitters of hope.

But the two are interdependent in their applications to subsequent life happenstances.

It usefulness comes to bear when a recurring situation surfaces.


Wisdom, they say is the principal thing.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to provide a substitute.

An enforce substitute is when man resorts to his own exclusive knowledge

And his exclusive knowledge metamorphoses into foolishness

And foolishness is the bane of development in many African countries

The total or near non-existence of infrastructures in many African countries is a by-product of foolishness

A wise man bubbling with wisdom invariably seeks development

In one word, wisdom has no substitute.


An academic wisdom is welcomed

Wisdom by proxy is accommodated

Intellectualism has no problem accepting it

Wisdom that comes by exposure and experience is appreciated

Everything congealed is still limited

If it’s not limited, why do we still grapple with challenges?

Why do we still deal in imperfection?

Why do we still not find solution to economic recession?

Why do we still embroil in an unending war against terrorism?

Why is everyone not influential and opulent?

Why are Professors not the richest in the world if truly our prosperity is a direct function of our academic excellence and certificate acquisition?

Why are economists not able to balance our economy?

Why are accountants not able to provide a fiscal report on a balanced scale?

Why are drop-outs the ones getting things done?

Then, what is the usefulness of this so-called wisdom?






Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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