We may have had to, during the course of life, compromise.

Like the dwindling fortune of a mouse.

But we don’t further have to compound the vice

By more and seemingly undetected lies

But by resorting to deep-seated and repentant cries.

There are things we do that break our hearts

But definitely not the things we’re adept at.

But the unthinkable practices of the flesh

That are fashioned for self-gratification.

They appear to us devoid of imminent destruction

But the cause depression and repression.

Our flesh also makes its contribution

And our undiscernment also makes its donations.

Anytime we’re found compromising

That causes personal and emotional uprising,

What do we do to avoid further clanger?

Especially a vertical and divine anger

That causes an explosion like a Xmas banger.

Do we continue in it not minding the danger?

Or what practices do we present to a stranger

Who holds us in very high esteem

When we know ourselves that we’re redeemed?

Is compromising a minus or a plus?

Compromise can be projected in two ways.

For a noble cause and a negative purpose.

Compromise is a shift in one’s standard

The negative part is adopted by a bastard.

It’s negative when in one’s life it causes a retard

Like a tasteless and creamless salad.

On the marital pedestal, it’s incumbent on both parties.

The woman and man’s ego must be compromised.

It’s needed to make the marriage work.

At your workplace, you need not be bamboozled to compromise.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi