The benefit of reading

Every budding concern and affront need to be nipped in the bud before it goes out of hand. Failure to do that portends a great harbinger to the society. But unfortunately, there have been vices budding with no restraint in our environment. The murky water of ignorance perpetuated by utter neglect to literacy is not receding anytime soon. A larger chunk of the populace is populated by the youths and we are the symbols of tomorrow – a brighter future at that. But the semblance of ignorance being spearheaded by these folks are worrisome and a precautionary measure needs to be adopted before it boomerangs more than it presently is. One of such is the total and utter neglect and allergy to reading. Our reading culture is fast waning into total oblivion and near-non-existence.

Someone posited that if you want to hide anything from a black man, put it into writing. The potency of this claim is actually validated by the youths. We hardly read. As much as we surf the Internet every minute, most of us just do so to catch up with the latest gossip trending – uneducative gist at that. You will see instances where young men and women will blatantly tell you they can’t go through a piece of a write-up because it’s too lengthy. With the seemingly unrestricted access we have to electronic devices that we could easily and handily harness for self-development, we’d rather frolick around frivolities. Knowledge has no end and the rapacity for knowledge in this part of the world is poor.

Being a voracious reader for the sole purpose of adding more knowledge, digging into history, having a firsthand information and keeping abreast of the latest and recent happenstances around us is not the exclusive preserve and acquired privilege of our superiors, but much more our necessity by conferment of being the touted leading lights of tomorrow. Reading broadens one’s mind, expands one’s scope of perspective, enlarges one’s horizon of perception and opens up the world to us with a vivid picture of its framework and schematics vis-a-vis its workings and operations.

What reading also does is that it gives you a leeway into the authors’ minds and provides a monologue of dialogue between you two. A monologue of being tutored while reading, he or she does the teaching through the book and a dialogue ensues. A dialogue of reasoning together but it doesn’t translate into agreeing totally with the author’s points. Reading also sharpens your mind and hone your literary skills. It makes you a better thinker and a less talker bringing taciturnity into the fold.

What non-reading does is that it gives you a contrived mindset and shuts you away from the rest of the world. It doesn’t mean you are not existing but you will be lagging far behind others. Where others are doing research on how to advance their careers, you will be reading latest gist about some actors and actresses whose personal lives are not worth emulating but which many of my peers emulate and take such people as role models. Non-readers can never be leaders. Only readers are made leaders.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi

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