Do we have any reason to be happy celebrating Xmas as a nation?

The day is here. The highly-anticipated day of the year is here again. It is December 25, the day earmarked and set aside to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. While those who are religiously affiliated to this set of belief have every reason to celebrate and be joyful, I don’t think we have any reason as a nation to be joyful celebrating Xmas.

Before today runs out, the internet and media will be awash with injunctions from our so-called leaders to live in harmony and be tolerant of each other, as that will strengthen our resolve as a nation to move ahead as if we haven’t been living in harmony before now. Most of them will at a face value come out trying to preach peace which they never contributed anything to in the first place to entrench but which we have been able to establish within ourselves as loving people who are tolerant of each other. Some will start chronicling what Nigeria has ever achieved, albeit on paper though.

The thrust of this piece is not to re-orientate anyone’s mindset or view or reasons that we are individually entitled to celebrate Xmas but looking at it critically and comprehensively, today should be a day in our calendar to start asking some questions. We can no longer continue to pretend as if everything is fine when things are really hard, maybe not hard on some select and choice people who have been able to amass some wealth either legally or dubiously but the majority of the people are really suffering hard. Never in the history of Nigeria, as far as I know and my knowledge can permit me to put into perspective, have things been this bad. We have a hydra-headed monster called recession staring us in the face with no solution from no one, not even the seasoned financial brains of the nation could provide a solution. All the promises we have heard so far have always been futuristic. You will hear something like, “Nigeria will come out of recession in 2017 – says President Buhari”. My question is, “why is the solution to this problem deferred till 2017?” Why not now? Or does 2017 know that we have a seemingly intractable difficulty that only it can help us out?. When 2017 comes and no solution surfaces, they will start cooking up excuses and begin to blame Jonathan.

The government of the day is treating the plight of nation with crass indifference and flippancy. Everyone is now resorting to quick-fixes effect to keep going and make two ends meet. One of such quick-fixes is the ponzi scheme MMM that gulped millions of naira from over three million Nigerians. Almost all of them are now wailing as their accounts have been frozen with millions of naira trapped inside. Aside the gullibility of some people, if the economy was sound, most of the people won’t commit their hard-earned money to it. The signs are palpable and ominous that this Xmas is far below the vibes it used to be. The pulse of the mood of the people, if gauged will provide an alarming result.

I will advise the President himself to keep quiet today and not release any official statement trying to empathize with the country if he doesn’t have any concrete solution to proffer. He should go back to the drawing board and rewrite his mission and most importantly, come out with meaningful and feasible steps to make Nigeria work.

Happy Xmas Nigerians.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi