Sequel to Self-acceptance


According to research, there are seven signs of inferiority complex.
1. Hypocritical Attitude (H.A.): People who do not feel alright about themselves have problem feeling good about others. They would always look out for loopholes in people’s endeavors to try to convince themselves that they are not bad at all. These people cannot feel comfortable as being attractive, intelligent and competent, etc. They will only have the feeling of being good provided they are the only one around exuding the aforementioned qualities.2. Tendency Towards Blaming (T.T.B.): Some people project their weaknesses onto others in order to lessen and ameliorate the pain of inferiority. For instance, a person shows his weaknesses or inadequacy to others in order to prompt them to noticing it, so that his perceived incompetence can be justifiable by his short story of woe. This is just a step towards giving the responsibility of their failures to others.3. Feeling Of Persecution (F.O.P.): When carried to the extreme, blaming others can extend to believing that others are actively seeking to ruin you. If a student fails an exam he sat, it may comfort him to believing that his teacher hates him and would do anything to hurt him. This will only allow him to avoid personal responsibility for his action.4. Inappropriate Response To flattery (I.R.F.): This works in two forms. Some may refuse to listen to anything positive about them because it is inconsistent with their interior feelings. Others may be desperate to hear anything good about themselves and constantly fishing for compliments.5. Sensitivity To Criticism (S.T.C.): Although people who feel inferior know they have shortcomings, they do not like other people to point this out. They tend to perceive any form of criticism, regardless of how sensitively and constructively it is presented as a personal attack.

6. Tendency Towards Seclusion And Sensitivity (T.T.S.S.): Because people with an inferiority complex believe that they are not as interesting or intelligent as others, they believe other people have the same feeling about them. So they tend to avoid speaking up in public because they believe doing so will create an embarrassing demonstration of their ineptitude.

7. Negative Feeling About Competition (N.F.A.C.): People who have inferiority complex like to win games and contest as others, but they will always avoid such situation because deep down, they know they cannot make an head way. Not coming first is an evident evidence of total failure.

Basically, overcoming an inferiority complex implies a set of key shifts in thinking:

Realizing that any flaw you have is not as bad as you think.
Realizing that having a certain flaw does not equal with not having any personal qualities.
Realizing that all people have their flaws and most people have major flaws.

You can also overcome inferiority complex by superimposing superiority complex on it. The law of gravity is so powerful that it brings down anything. It’s a universal law of nature and existence that it only takes a higher law to overcome it. A higher law was discovered to lift an airplane off the ground and it stays there for as long as it wants. The law is the law of lift. Consider inferiority complex to be the law of gravity that brings anything down and liken the law of lift to superiority complex and you’re off on the right path. Superiority is an exaggerated feeling of being superior to others but you don’t make it exaggerated.

· Another enemy that wars against self-acceptance is ENVY.  It has eaten deep into the fabrics of many of us that it now seems incurable. Envy stems out of discontent and greed and also fallout of inferiority complex. If you are envious of another person because the person has what you don’t have, it signifies the fact that you’re longer proud of what you have and you may develop an ill-feeling for yourself. You no longer see the best in what you do except you are in possession of what you may not even need. It may only be a want. There’s a sharp difference between your need and your want. Your want is for personal aggrandizement and satisfaction while your need is what keeps you going for a living. The cloth you wear is a need. Your cell phone is a need but the moment there’s an inordinate desire brooding in you to go for a bigger one just because it is what’s in vogue and others are using it, it’s becoming a want and if you cannot set your hand on it, you become restive and unknowingly creating a breeding space for envy. Try and put envy in check because it wrecks more havoc than we can imagine. The Scripture said Jesus Christ was killed out of envy. If you allow envy to dominate, self-acceptance turns out impossibility and you go through life with an ill-feeling of yourself created by yourself. And envy is caused by dissatisfaction with self-image.
The only way I know you can overcome envy is simply by being contented with yourself.

Do not worry if you have all or some of these signs, you can bring it to the barest minimum by telling yourself that no one is perfect, and that a mistake made is a correction gotten.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi