What passion does to mankind can be detected and discovered in the discharge of their duties. Passion fuels our dedication and commitment to what we do and how we do it which eventually determines how what we do turns out. Whatever thing we do with passion goes head-to-head with excellence and hand-in-hand with success.

Passion helps us to refocus our gaze and shifts it away from the monetary turnover to what gives us fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction as well as what serves humanity.
The monetary gain is not commensurate with the deluge and intensity of energy and time we invest into our endeavors but as inasmuch as we love what we do, the money becomes less the focus. But we can’t dispute the fact that money rakes in, as a dividend of what we do.

There’s a deposit of excellence in each and everyone of us but at the beginning, it’s immobile, redundant and unharnessed and in a state of inertia. It comes alive, not by an external force and action but by an inner resolve from the recesses of our heart where the seat of judgment and decision sits. The resolve triggers our passion – once we love what we do – the passion is occasioned by our decision which we monotonously take and stand by it.

An occasional commendation and praises intermittently come from whoever cares to acknowledge and a much stronger and fiercer wind of disdain and opposition takes precedence but the tide of passion within us will blow against it. We may be deterred and discouraged at the embryonic stage but as time goes and ticks by, we’ll become strengthened. The set objectives in focus cannot also be compromised and negotiated except for those whose motives are ulterior and present-minded.

We don’t know who is watching us. That is why we need to do what we do passionately because at the right time, if we don’t give up and grow weary, we will be adequately incentivized and compensated – an impetus to do more with ease and professionalism.

What are you passionate about? Are you having a feeling you are not being adequately compensated and recognized? Don’t give up, don’t give in. If you have to give anything at all, give thanks to your Creator who knows everything.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi