Procrastination is a disease, an anomaly, a malady. It is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of human existence and wrecked so great a havoc. It is a contender for the use of our time and uses more of our time than we do ourselves by making us dwell on frivolities.

Procrastination is the thief of time and time wasted and squandered is an achievement lost. A lost time can never be regained. Once it is gone, it is gone. And once it is gone, we will realize that we are postponing the days of reckoning
The circumstances of life and its dictates thereof are the factors or some of the factors we present as excuses to be militating against our use of time. In its real sense, procrastinating simply translates to improper use of time. That is poor time management.

A disciplined man is known by how judicious he uses his 24 hours. No extra hour as an add-on to the ones bequeathed to us by God. God expects us to use our 24 hours well. We don’t need 24 hours ┬áto do the things we have got lined up for us. And it doesn’t mean we have to cram everything into the 24 hours we have. That is why we have other days there for us to do things.
The man who achieves much has the same number of hours allocated to the man who achieves less. How well you use your time is determined by your productivity. The main goal of trying not to procrastinate is to be productive. And productivity is the essence of existence.
Everyone is culpable of the allegation of deferring things, some due to reasons justifiable, some reasons beyond control, some reasons within our control but due to laziness, we decide to shift the days ahead. Just imagine how much you could have achieved had you decided to go ahead at the very time you conceived that idea. Great ideas were conceived and incubated, also nurtured in the brain and they died in the brain. Great ideas were buried in the graves now because they were not harnessed and actualized due to procrastination. No one knows how many lives would be positively affected had the wasted ideas been brought to fruition. Bring out your ideas, don’t procrastinate.

Factors influencing procrastination
1. Fear. Fear is a False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear comes as a result of lack of self-confidence. Shore up more confidence and fear will disappear. The preconceived evidence popping up in your mind is not real. What is real is the result you set out to achieve.
2. Laziness. It kills and it is killing. No one achieves greatness by being lazy. Muster enough strength, be it mental, intellectual or physical
3. Lack of priority. If you don’t prioritize well, you would put the most important things at the lowest rung of the scale of preference. This will cause you to focus on the less important things and you will think you are making progress.
4. Duplication. Duplication in this context means you are using other people’s yardstick and method. In the long run, you will copy the exact priority they have. They may be on track while you are off track.

Overcoming procrastination
1. Get your priorities well.
2. Discipline yourself to be a good disciple of time.
3. Analyze your area of strength.
4. Know what works for you and how it works for you.
5. Set a time frame for your goal.
6. Don’t procrastinate again.

Author: Olajide Oluwafemi